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January 2015 Newsletter Added!

Updated information for the 2015 Summer and Winter Rendezvous and added information regarding the 2016 Summer Rendezvous. Click here for a presentation of the 2016 Summer Cruising Rendezvous in the North Channel.

Added 2015 Summer Rendezvous

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The Great Lakes Grand Banks (GLGBA) consists of about 100 families who own or admire Grand Banks cruising yachts. Grand Banks has been building yachts for over 50 years, and is recognized as one of the highest quality brands in the "trawler and cruising yacht" category. Each boat is unmistakably a Grand Banks in appearance, but unique in some interior and mechanical features.

Our membership of past, present and future owners of these traditional yachts is united by the quality, dependability and timeless style of these diesel powered vessels. Our members' boats range from 28 to 58 feet in length and from 1 to 43 years in age. Some of our members are just beginning to look for a Grand Banks, while others have owned them for decades.

Non-owners who appreciate timeless quality are also welcome to join us. Our association provides a meeting ground for social and technical interaction which results in a true "family" atmosphere among Grand Banks owners and admirers. We hope this website will encourage you to contact us.

Typically the club organizes two events each year. A cruising rendezvous in usually held in late July or early August and a short land rendezvous held in December in concert with an Officers/Board meeting where everyone is invited to attend.


Our 100 members hail from all corners of the Great Lakes and beyond. Some of our members have moved to coastal areas but maintain their GLGBA memberships to stay in touch with fresh water cruising. Most of our members own Grand Banks, but we have a few members with other lovely cruising yachts. Some of our members are temporarily "between boats".

Here is a look at the geographic distribution of our home ports (not residence):